G Raymond (Ray) PeacockThis is my personal site on the technology topics that continue to interest me and have involved me for most of my adult life.

My personal bio is online at LinkedIn (LinkedIn.com/in/ray peacock).

It involves more than infrared temperature sensors and measurements and is intended to share my experience and know-how online for as long as I am able. I seek donations to continue beyond the first few months, since there are no ads here to cover hosting and domain rental costs.  Supporters will be achnowledged on a “Donations” page.

Feel free to comment and ask questions and wherever possible, I will attempt to answer them.

Ray Peacock

Pennsylvania, USA

Three Infrared Pyrometers reading the same object” width=PS: The three infrared thermometers shown here and at the top of the MrPyrometer?  page are all viewing the same object under stable conditions.

Can you tell which temperature reading is correct?

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