Advantage of Dual Wavelength Ratio IR Thermometers

{Image Courtesy Williamson Corporation} From the Williamson IR website page on Applications of Dual Wavelength infrared thermometers: “One of the greatest advantages of a dual-wavelength infrared thermometer is that the target can be smaller than the optical resolution of the sensor. This feature is particularly appropriate when viewing past an…

“Short” Wavelength Applications Advantage

Concord,MA, USA — As seen on the Williamson IR website: “Single wavelength infrared thermometers filtered in the short wavelength region of 2.0 to 2.5 microns offer good performance when measuring low emissivity materials at low temperatures.” “The accuracy improvement associated with the shorter wavelength sensor is shown in the figure…

True Temperature measurements: the physical background

This is about an Information Note on the Laytec GmbH website that describes the technology they use in their TT products for semiconductor manufacturing and R&D processes. It is in the form of a PDF document, not easily read online like most web pages. It must be downloaded and then opened, usually in a seperate browser or reader window.
The rationale for using a thermal infrared approach in semiconductor wafer processing is explained at the outset of their note, as follows:

During epitaxial growth the wafer temperature is one of the key parameters. It influences
such elements as growth rate, composition of ternary and quaternary compounds and doping
levels. Wafer temperature also has an important impact on the quality of the grown layer and
its roughness and thereby on the performance of devices based on such epitaxial layers. Thus,careful monitoring and precise control of wafer temperature during the whole growth process are indispensable. Usually the temperature is controlled indirectly, either by thermocouples or by pyrometers.

The article goes on to describe how their pyrometry (radiation thermometry) method obtains the true temperature.

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Temperature measurement w/emissivity corrected pyrometry

True wafer temperature measurements in Molecular Beam Epitaxy, or MBE, is an applications story (Application Note 18) from LayTec GmbH in Germany about the benefits of this technology in semiconductor processing, especially for GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) and InP (Indium Phosphide), two materials that are opaque at the wavelength region of…

Thermoforming Temperature Measurement

A downloadable PDF FIle from Mikron Infrared describes the use of IR Thermometers in manufacturing operations using thermoformed plastic sheet materials.
Thermoforming Applications: Thermoforming Temperature Measurement
The Thermoforming Application
Thermoforming is the process of using heating elements and/or cooling elements to mold or shape
some type of material. Typically this material will be a type of plastic.
The process follows a path from extrusion to molding. Most thermoforming companies will use extrusion machines to extrude the plastic, which then will be pulled into an oven and heated until it reaches a certain temperature.
Once this temperature has been obtained the plastic is moved out of the oven into a cooling and molding zone. Usually the machine runs on a timer so the temperature of the plastic varies and is inconsistent within the oven.
The plastic is molded and cooled either by water-cooling or air-cooling. Most applications use water-cooling either sprayed onto the plastic or pushed through the metal mold.
Finally, the plastic is moved to a cutting zone where the shapes are cut out of the plastic. This can be done either manually or automatically as well.
This application has a couple of different sections that are ideal for infrared pyrometers and imaging.

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New NDT IR Thermography Method

Orlando FL, USA — A paper at the 30th ThermoSense Conference (ThermoSense XXX) entitled “Thermographic nondestructive testing using inductive thermal excitation” by Morteza Safai of the Boeing Company. It was presented on March 20th described an innovative method for locating unbonded metallic fiber defects embedded several millimeters deep in a…

QIRT 2008 Abstracts

IR image of Ratuszowa towerKrakow, Poland – QIRT 2008’s program for the Conference in Krakow, Poland on July 2 – 5, 2008 is now available on the QIRT2008 website.

While it is mostly an Applications Conference, there are presentations on other, related topics such as calibration, and equipment, too.

Here, below is a copy of the program as of March 6, 2008, with links to the Abstracts of each, as available.


Please use this Registration form.
Pay special attention to correct invoice details.
Send the filled registration form to the Secretary of QIRT2008 via e-mail qirt [at] or by post.
The registration will be confirmed by e-mail. The participants declaring a presentation of papers will obtain a confirmation e-mail containing an individual ftp server upload link with login, password and further instructions.


Invited Paper:

P. Bison
Measuring thermophysical properties by IR thermography

A. Nowakowski
Advances of QIRT in medical diagnostics


P. Baranowski, W. Mazurek
Chosen aspects of thermographic studies on detection of physiological disorders and mechanical defects in apples

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